What started with Birroir from the minds of 3 young women Elena, Elisa and Linda, has turned, quite frankly, into a beer revolution.

Growing faster than anyone could have ever imagined.

Since then, we’ve expanded our family to keep bringing you all of the beer options you want.

ELENA Master Brewer Deals with the production and development of the beers, using creativity and her previous experiences of home brewing.


ELISA is the Commercial Manager, responsible for creating and maintaining Customer Relations and Communications.


‘NOT JUST BEERS’…. is a way of thinking and acting, and with this philosophy we have begun to establish partnerships with local artisans who value the development of their territory and who willingly contribute to spread the idea of our brewing culture amongst consumers looking for quality in the end product. The ice cream flavour GIGLIOLA, born from the imagination of the master ice cream maker at the Opera Dairy, original earrings made with BIRROIR bottle tops created by the Cantina dei Bijoux, bottles made into lampshades by the young designers at Digitec, are just a few of their creations.

In addition BIRROIR supports and encourages the responsible consumption of beer and drinking and promotes responsible policies within sustainability and environmental protection.

QUALITY, CREATIVITY AND SUSTAINABILITY are the basis of all the productions of BIRROIR.